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US Open expanded 3D coverage coming

CBS Sports is covering the US Open Tennis Championships in 3D for a second year from Flushing Meadow. Expanded 3D coverage, for USTA (the sport’s national governing body), and Panasonic, includes all Arthur Ashe Stadium matches that are broadcast in HD both on Labor Day weekend (weekend just passed) and on finals weekend, as well as select matches from Louis Armstrong Stadium, writes Adrian Pennington.


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You may soon buy a 4K glasses-free 3D TV

You can't realistically produce a large-screen, glasses-free 3D TV without an ultra-high-resolution panel. That is why Toshiba just unveiled its latest flagship 3DTV set at this year's IFA trade show  : The Toshiba 55ZL2 delivers glasses-free 3D on a stunning 55" 3,840x2,160-pixel resolution screen!


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Final Destination 5 : many deaths in 3D

Final Destination 5 debuted in August in cinemas, grossing 37M$ for the opening week-end only. Not bad for a low-budget 3D movie...

FD5 is "true" 3D movie; no 2D-3D conversion involved here. FD5 is Rated R for strong graphic violent content and gruesome accidents(and for language), so be prepared to a lot of in-your-face more or less disgusting 3D  effects.


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New EyeSight is the name of the Subaru 3D camera

Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. is not only the grandfather of your Fuji W3 3D camera, but also the dad of all Subaru automobiles. So nothing is strange in the fact that many new Subarus sold in Japan use a driver aid system called "New EyeSight", a pair of forward-facing cameras giving the vehicle stereoscopic vision for pedestrian detection.


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