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Canal Plus 3D opens in Poland

The Polish TV operator Cyfra Plus has announced it is adding a new dedicated 3D channel to its existing line up. The operator has been committed to broadcasting 3D content in the last twelve months.


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iPont converts stereo to multiview

iPONT (USA) demonstrated at the 3D Entertainment Summit 2011 its 3D TV Box, which converts any stereo 3D source, including  3D broadcasts in a suitable format for viewing on an autostereoscopic screen (without glasses).


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We tested the YouTube 2D-to-3D Conversion

YouTube is announcing a new 2D to 3D conversion service in BETA version. This is supposed to enable "3Dfication" of any 2D video  at a "click of a button." This is NOT possible on any video, but only on those you uploaded yourself.

You get the 3D button by opening the "Edit Info" page for a video you've uploaded: sign in to your YouTube account, start playing one of your videos, and click on the "Edit Info" button: the "3D Video" button is here to click.

We did the test using the left side of a 3D video so you can compare "True 3D" vs "YouTube fake 3D"...


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Trioviz hires 3D engineers in France

TriOviz, world leader in stereoscopic 3D solutions on multiple plateforms (XBOX 360, PS3 et PC) and displays (2D and 3D TV) distributes the well known SDK used in games such as Batman Arkham Asylum, Green Lantern, Captain America, Gears of War 3 and Batman Arkham City. TriOviz is hiring developers for its 3D engineers team.


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New Book Explores Future of 3D for Consumers

What happens when consumer electronics companies push glasses-based 3D on consumers who want nothing to do with 3D glasses in a world of social media and disruptive innovation? Breakthrough author Keith Fredericks from General3D answers these questions and more in "The Future of 3D Media: Bringing Stereoscopic 3D to Consumers", an examination of the evolving industry of stereoscopic 3D.


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