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Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”

At the surprise screening of HUGO, the work-in-progress film from  legendary director Martin Scosese at this week’s New York Film Festival,the audience  was so enthusiastic that it left one question lingering in the air:

Has Scorsese just saved 3D?

Scorsese looks at the people who call 3D a gimmick, compares us to those who thought motion pictures were a fad a century ago, then goes on to show us what's probably the most gorgeous live-action 3D film ever made. The 3D isn't just a new cinematic trick for Scorsese to play with, but inherently tied to the narrative, a key element that shines up everything else around it.


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A nice 9600x5400 pixels 3D display

Northwestern University’s Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI) installed an impressive 3D Display wall made from 25 Full-HD 3D JVC monitors driven by 13 NVidia Quadroplex systems.  The result is an amazing synchronized display driven by a handful of workstations, offering 51.84 Mpixels of stunning 3D display.


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3D Stereoscopic Laser Shows

Scenes (Milano, Italy) and LaserForum(The Netherlands) are laser show specialists producing stereoscopic light shows embedded within physical environmental effects. Phill3D by LaserForum is especially spectacular.


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Die Huberbuam

As advertised here 3 weeks ago, the Die Huberbuam documentary is online. Produced in stereoscopic 3D by the german With 42 minutes in HD 3D, Die Huberbuam is the longest and more impressive 3D film ever available on line!


Watch the "Die HuberBuam"  42 minutes film on YouTube. You may also download the 12 Mbps side-by-side version (3.6 Gbytes) and use StereoscopicPlayer to watch it in the best conditions (i.e. with a Nvidia 3D vision kit). After download, you will have to unzip the downloaded file before play.

More Disney 3D Releases Announced

Following the Lion King 3D success, Disney is contnuing to invest in 3D conversion : ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ ‘Finding Nemo,’ ‘Monsters, Inc.’ and ‘The Little Mermaid’ will come back in 3D in 2012 and 2013. Details here under.


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