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Na'vi are blue and armed with bows...

The new age is coming...

Blue aliens, 10ft tall and armed with bows and arrows, are set to change our world. The extraterrestrial Na’vi are not only the stars of a forthcoming blockbuster film called Avatar, the director James Cameron’s first big movie since Titanic, but also harbingers of a new age of cinema. Read the feelings from Jean Harlow and Helen Brooks in the TimesOnLine here.


Peter Jackson : the next one under way ?

Film director Peter Jackson is testing experimental 3D aerial footage in New Zealand as part of testing whether the technology could be used for his remake of the Dam Busters. The Lord Of The Rings director told The Daily Telegraph he wants to use new technology to make bombs leap out at the audience in his re-imagining of the 1954 classic war film. Jackson said: "I think a World War II bombing raid in 3D would be neat.".

As you know, Peter Jackson is involved with its WETA studion in the AVATAR adventure, so we are sure this 'Dambusters' will be great. See the details published by TVNZ here.

The original Dam Busters from 1955 is described here on IMDB.



G-Force, the movie with 271 billion 3D hair

"The G-Force filmmakers rendered 271,955,886,586 photorealistic hairs—a number that nears the number of stars in the Milky Way" reports the Popular Mechanics web site. G-Force is a really cute 3D movie centered around guinea-pig secret agents. Read more here.

D-Cinema Day at IBC 2009

Monday, September 14th is officially D Cinema Day at IBC 09, and in the morning the focus will be firmly on stereoscopic 3D for the cinema. Chaired by 3D film producer and session architect Phil Streather, CEO of pioneering giant-screen movie production company Principal Large Format, the morning’s programme will guide delegates through the complete process of 3D movie-making; from pre-visualization, through stereo 3D acquisition and on to stereo 3D editing.

Talks by reknown experts are expected, including Bernard Mendiburu (Meet the Robinsons), Ken Schafer (Innoventive Software), Steve Schklair (3ality), and many others.


Read the details here.