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Ubisoft bets on Avatar success

MCV, the game business website reports that the buzz around AVATAR could be as big as Harry Potter's.

Murray Pannell said that the title – that will be used in 3D both in the cinema and on games console – had the potential to be an “incredible entertainment phenomenon”. Avatar may become the largest 3D game hit before Christmas!

Read the paper from the MCV web site here.


2009 08 05



Glasses-free Full HD 3D TV May Be Closer Than You Think

Zecotek Photonics Inc. today announced that its subsidiary Zecotek Display Systems Pte. Ltd. is demonstrating patented 3D display technology to major electronics companies in its lab in Vancouver, BC, Canada. This is maybe the first demo of a working Glasses-free 3D HDTV prototype that works. With 90 different parallax views, this TV should display 3D images in Full HD with great comfort for several viewers located in a 90° wide sector in front of the screen.

A commercial product seems more and more possible in a few years time, so Zecotek is already in discussions with certain major electronics companies to co-develop an OLED (organic light emitting diode) based, flat screen, glasses-free, true 3D HD television.

zecotek 250px

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3D Blu-Rays 09

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BD3D-300-Rise-of-an-Empire 200px
 300 Rise of an Empire 

BD3D-3DSun 200px
 3D Sun + Mars 3D Double Feature  

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 47 Ronin 3D  

BD3D-3D-bikini-beach-babes-issue5 200px
 3D Bikini Babes Issue 5  

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 3D Bikini Babes Issue 4 
BD3D-3D-bikini-beach-babes-issue1 200px
 3D Bikini Babes Issue 1  



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