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Vue Entertainment International is Converting 400 Sony 4K Screens to 3D in Europe

Vue Entertainment International is converting up to 400 of its Sony 4K projection systems at screens in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Denmark to Sony Digital Cinema 3D. The phased conversion process is scheduled to start now and will extend over a three to four year time period, covering a total of 394 screens across the group’s Vue and CinemaxX branded European estate.

The End of Flicker

Unlike ‘triple-flash’ systems that rapidly present different images to each eye in turn, the Sony Digital Cinema stereoscopic 3D dual lens solution provides smooth, immersive flicker-free 3D images without distracting flashing effects. Whether audiences are watching in 3D or 2D, Sony’s unique 4K projection technology assures an unparalleled viewing experience, with market-leading contrast levels plus exceptional colour and clarity.

Sony-3D 320px

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Xpand3D Official Sponsor of Kino Expo

Kino Expo is held on September 22-26 in St. Petersburg, Russia. This marks the fifth year in a row that XPAND is a part of this important event for Russian cinema business. XPAND is the second biggest 3D equipment provider in Russian cinema market.

Xpand3D 320px

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XPAND 3D Exclusive 3D Supplier With Venice Film Festival (Again)

XPAND 3D is providing its industry leading 3D cinema technology for the 71st Venice Film festival starting today August 27, 2014.

Xpand 3D glasses will be used to watch all 3D features scheduled; watch the trailer here under to have an idea...



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The Revolutionary 4K Christie Solaria 6P Cinema Projector is What 3D Needs

SMPTE 196M recommends 16 foot-lamberts for commercial movie theaters but the usual lght level in 3D theatres is more often between 3 and 4 foot-lamberts. Now, the new "4K Solaria 6P" 6-primaries laser projector from Christie is providing enough light to put full brightness on screens up to 23 meters wide.

laser-projector 250px

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Severtson Screens Folded Silver 3D Cinema Screens

Severtson Screens announces its new folded SeVision 3D GX line of silver cinema projection screens are now available for international shipment.
Now, Severtson Screens’ silver 3D screens can be folded and packed into a much smaller crate without any loss in structural integrity or performance abilities. Severtson’s new folded screen process not only reduces international shipping fees, the smaller packaging simplifies delivery to theaters and is more convenient for installers, as well.

Severtson-Screens-Folded-Cinema-Screen 250px

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