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Remote Review Your 3D Production with CineSync Pro

cineSync is a simple but effective too to review your 3D shots online from any location in the world. The basic package - cineSync - gives you the video synchronisation and the annotation tools, while cineSync Pro gives you the full suite of tools, including 3D stereoscopic support.

cineSync is developed by Cospective (Adelaïde, Australia) and played a key role in a globe-spanning VFX pipeline for Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity as well as for The Great Gatsby, The Hunger Games, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and many others.

cinesync 250x

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DaVinci Resolve 10.1 Offers new Stereoscopic Features

The update to Blackmagic Design DaVinci Resolve adds new editing and 3D stereoscopic features, and support for Final Cut Pro X 10.1.

Customers with the full software license of DaVinci Resolve will get enhanced 3D stereoscopic tools including a full stereoscopic multi track editing timeline, enhanced convergence adjustments and automatic alignment.


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Apple Patents 3D Video Editing

Apple filed U.S. Patent #8,631,047 on June 15, 2010. The patent that was granted on January 14, 2014 covers all the usual steps of stereoscopic 3D editing as commonly found in Sony Vegas Pro, Grass Valley Edius 7, and Adobe Premiere+After Effects.

Most probably, this is a sign Apple will introduce 3D editing in its next version of Final Cut Pro. Maybe in time for the next NAB in Las Vegas in March 2014?


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YUVSoft Stereo Processing Suite

YUVsoft is pleased to present Stereo Processing Suite Lite--the lightweight, economy version of Stereo Processing Suite Pro for high-quality stereo correction.

Stereo Processing Suite Lite is a set of Adobe After Effects plug-ins that enable you to quickly and efficiently perform standard stereo postproduction tasks:

  • Correction of geometry and color mismatches between stereo views
  • Adjustment of insufficient or excessive parallax
  • Estimation of disparity maps


Original             Processed

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Chris Parks About 3D and VFX in Gravity

Chris Parks was the 'Gravity' Stereoscopy Supervisor at Vision3 Studios in London. He explains here under what Vision3 did for the sci-fi movie that recouped its $100M production budget in 5 days:

There were three main techniques used on Gravity. About 80 shots, 25 minutes, were primarily post conversion - done by Prime Focus London. These were the shots in the two capsules and the final shot of the film. We also added stereo elements - principally objects like helmets floating in weightlessness. Prime took the geometry of the escape pods from the scene which gave us a pretty accurate foundation, within which to put the characters.

I also shot stereo reference plates of a moving model with different focal length lenses and different distances to demonstrate the sort of feel that I wanted to help me communicate with the artists - it can be surprising how far back on the side of the head the ears really are!

Bullock Clooney 250px

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in Gravity, copyright 2013 Warner Bros Pictures

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