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James Cameron Hits the Bottom

James Cameron did it!

The Oscar-winning director of TITANIC and AVATAR, James Cameron resurfaced Monday after plunging to the deepest known point in the world's oceans in his one-man 12-tons 'Deepsea Challenge' submersible equipped with a lot of 3D stereoscopic cameras.

"@JimCameron has surfaced! Congrats to him on his historic solo dive to the ocean's deepest point," said a tweet from his DeepSea Challenge team. J.C. went down 10,99 meters (35,800 ft) and is only the third man to do that after Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in 1960.

Watch the James Cameron dive video here under.

DeepSea-Challenge 250px

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Avatar iTunes Edition

Avatar will be released on December 20th, 2011 in iTunes special edition video. One new feature gives users a chance to move an 'X-ray' around scenes to get a look behind the finished shot and at the original green-screen footage.

avatar-itunes-edition 250px

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Cameron Releases Scenes From Titanic 3D

Paramount Pictures and James Cameron  just released eight scenes of the upcoming 3D-converted Titanic, designed to create a buzz and kill off any doubts that the conversion is less than top-notch quality. The money invested in converting Titanic to 3D amounts to 18 M$. The process took 60 weeks to complete.

Steve Weintraub from said “The footage I saw this morning left me speechless.  I’m not joking around when I say it’s the best post conversion I’ve ever seen and it looks like they originally shot it in 3D back in 1997.”


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AVATAR 3D Blu-Ray News

According to some rumors conforted by French publication "Le Film Français", the 3D Blu-Ray of Avatar will be on your video store shelves before end of March 2012....


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Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 update

James Cameron, writer and director of the stereoscopic 3D movie "Avatar" has officially set up two sequels as his next projects, with the first coming in December 2014 and the second forecasted to open in December 2015. End of 2009, J.C. said "I have a trilogy-scaled arc of story right now". Many insiders think that, two years later, the trilogy idea has  morphed into more solid scripts...


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