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Is "Help Me Obi" the First 360° Holograhic Video Display?

 "Help Me Obi" is not holographic, but this artwork has broken into the third dimension big time, showing moving images that can be viewed from any direction, looking exactly the same no matter where you stand.

The artwork is the creation of Scotland-based artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets, who have been working on the project for about eight years. Video Presentation here under.

 HelpMeObi 250px

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Takee, The First 3D Holographic Phone

The Takee Estar stereoscopic smartphone was launched this July 17, 2014 in China. Its head tracking capability combined with a dual-lens 3D back camera gives it the right to be named "First Holographic Phone" by its makers... Video presentation here under.

Takee-Holographic-Phone 250px

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"Compressive Light Field Projection" May Lead to Glasses-free 3D Cinema

Researchers at the MIT Media Lab, Camera Culture Group (MA, USA) demonstrated their latest toy: a Compressive Light Field Projection system. "Compressive Light Field Projection" is the grand-grandson of the cyclostereoscope that was tried in France before WWII.

The new system combines one or more high resolution light field projectors with a passive angle-expanding retroprojection screen to create a large number of slightly shifted views and to project them directly into the viewer's eyes. 

 mit 250px

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Lytro Launches a new Depth-Aware DSLR camera

 Lytro is known for its lightfield cameras. The second generation of those strage beasts is out and it is called "Illium". It is available as pre-order for US$1499, a $100 discount from the US$1599 MSSRP.

The camera outputs a maximum of 4 megapxels in 2D, but it records lighr from a scene in such a way that post-refocus and post-reframing is possible, something impossible with any of-the-shelft DSLR camera. The illium weights 940 grams (2 lbs) and has a focal length equivalent to 30-250 mm.

Lytro-Illium 200px

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Holho, the Hologram Generator for Smartphone and Tablet

Imagination Farm USA (Houston, TX, USA) is a launching a kickstarter campaign to fund the first production batch af their Holho-Phone.

The Holho-Phone is a structure that you can place over or under your phone or tablet  to project astonishing holographic images. The screen reflects the image on the four faces of the Pyramid generating a hologram in the center. The Holho-Collection offers an incredible variety of tools that can be adapted on Smart Phone and tablets of any brand.

OK, we know those Holho holograms are not true holograms, but they are as close to a Princess Leia on your livng room table as any image will ever be... Watch the video demos to be convinced.

holho 250px

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