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First VR Cinema Opens in Liège, Belgium

3D Stereo MEDIA will feature the first VR cinema in Belgium on December 12-15, 2016. If you have never experienced this recent concept (born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands), you owe it to yourself to come and find out what it is! For the few of you who had the chance to enjoy this new experience, you'll most likely discover stereoscopic 3D VR contents that you have never seen before.

vrcinema 640px

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Wolfprint3D Creates the Link Between Human and VR

Startup Wolfprint 3D (Tallin, Estonia and Los Angeles,CA,USA) is now on a mission to use 3D scanning as the connector between virtual reality (VR) and our actual reality. The Estonian startup has transformed their 3D fully automated scanning technology into a 3D photo booth vending machine ("The Luna") that is easy to operate and produces stunningly high-quality 3D scans.

Wolfprint 640px

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HypeVR: Impressive Volumetric 360° 3D Video

This week we were able to follow the first demos of the HypeVR technology, a depth-mapped, volumetric video system that lets VR users move in, out and around the captured scene. The proprietary capture rig is using 14 6K Red Dragon cameras, a proprietary LIDAR reak-time scanner and includes Google Tango technology for viewer tracking. Their first footage is now visible; watch it here under.

HypeVR 640px

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'Bohemian Rhapsody' VR Music Video Released

In a new collaboration with Queen and Enosis VR, artists and developers at Google have created The Bohemian Rhapsody Experience, a VR experiment taking viewers on "a journey through Freddie Mercury's subconscious mind." If you have a Cardboard VR stereoscopic viewer, check it here under.

 BohemianRhapsody 640px

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Magnetique is the first VR 360° Comic Book

Oniride today launches the first issue of Magnetique, a new comic series for Gear VR available at the Oculus Store. This book is a completely native experience in which each panel takes up a full 360 degrees. You flick through images just like you would a normal book, only with the action completely surrounding you just like it would in a 360° movie or image. Watch the trailer here under.

magnetique 640px

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