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Handheld Cam + Fast Cut +3D = Nausea

Chinese moviegoers experimented the above equation firsthand this weekend when watching "Jason Bourne 3D", a 3D conversion of movie clearly NOT intended to be seen on stereoscopic screens... Watch the 2D trailer here under to understand why!

Moviegoers demand refund at a cinema in Beijing on Thursday. They felt sick while watching the Jason Bourne film with 3D glasses. Photo: Li Hao/GT

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3D Pursuit Brings 3D to Ouganda Schools

In his small studio at Kisementi-Kamwokya, Wills Isingoma (formerly at Uganda Tv and Film Production) introduced the 3D idea to Coca-Cola as a way of marketing their products in Uganda.He went to Los Angeles, USA and pitched the 3D Pursuit idea to his longtime friend Ian Parker, who had enough financial muscle to kickstart it. Both Isingoma and Parker are now shareholders in the company, with their offices now located in Kamapala-Ntinda, Uganda, near the north shore of Lake Victoria. 3D Pursuit offers 3D stereoscopic edutainment content to schools, universities, youth and specific community outings.

 Isingomas OB Van tracks 640px

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3D Patent Battle: RealD 1 - MasterImage 0

RealD has won its patent infringement lawsuit against MasterImage 3D. The U.S. International Trade Commission, in a Final Determination issued yesterday, declared that MasterImage Horizon 3D systems infringe on RealD's patents, and barred the infringing MasterImage systems from entering or being sold in the United States. The determination is a resounding victory for RealD.

 reald 250px

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ESA Gives Us a 4K 3D Virtual Tour of the International Space Station

The European Space Agency (ESA) created a new 3D stereoscopic virtual tour of the International Space Station (ISS). Watch the 3D stereo version here under (or choose "2D" if you don't have any 3D glasses at hand).

ISS3DTour 640px

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3D Improvements in Cognitive Processing

According to a new study, 3D can sharpen a child’s brain for a protracted period after the movie has been viewed and have a short-term “brain training” effect. The study follows-on from research in 2015 which looked into the impact of the different film formats on adults.

Improvement in ‘cognitive processing’ is almost three times greater as a result of watching stereoscopic 3D rather than a 2D film.

 VueEntertainment Crowd 640px

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