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Stereorealist 3D Camera Nostalgy

You may now browse a collection of over 300 Stereorealist 3D camera advertisements and promotional material uploaded by Susan Pinsky and David Starkman on Flickr. These images were meant to be part of a book that was in the works since 1981, but never published. Time passed and they now feel it's just too interesting  to pass up sharing, so feel free to enjoy!

stereorealist 640px

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Celebrating 100 Years of 3D Cinema

The first documented exhibition of a stereoscopic 3D motion picture took place on June 10, 1915 at the Astor Theatre in New York. The historic footage does not survive.  But nearly 35 years ago, the 3-D Film Archive began our effort to locate, save and restore lost 3D films. Over the past three decades, many rare stereoscopic treasures dating back to 1922 have been located and preserved by the 3D Film Archive. The 3-D RARITIES Blu-ray was released June 16, 2015 by Flicker Alley.

3D Rarities 320

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The ALSCC Camera Snaped 3D Pictures of the Moon in 1969

Pictures from the stereoscopic ALSCC ( Apollo Lunar Surface Closeup Camera) are less known than those shot by the astronauts with their Hasselblad cameras. The ALSCC is an odd device resembling a cane stuck to an oversized coffee dispenser.  To use the ALSCC, an astronaut simply plopped it down over an area of interest and pulled the trigger. A small flash fired, capturing two, offset images measuring nine square inches each. Combined in a single anaglyph, these images of the moon soil become a 3D picture visible with red/cyan glasses.

Moon Surface 3D 320px
Astronaut Bootprint from  Apollo 12 Mission

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"The Bubble" (1966) is Available on Blu-ray 3D

Kino Classics proudly announces the release of Arch Oboler's 91-minutes thrilling and groundbreaking stereoscopic 3D sci-fi classic, THE BUBBLE, in a special Blu-ray 3D edition, packed with bonus features.

Originally released in 1966, THE BUBBLE was a milestone in the history of 3D filmmaking, being the first production shot in the Space-Vision 3-D system, an innovative new process that revolutionized the way 3D movies would be made for the next 30 years.

the-bubble 320px

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