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Flying Lotus 3D Show

Flying Lotus, DJ, rapper, and movie producer (Skinflick, Kuso), is crossiong North America on his 3D live tour before leaving for Europe. Expect tremendous, colorful, and psychedelic visuals including 3D graphics displayed on a big screen onstage enhancing the music and creating a mesmerizing experience that is difficult to accurately describe.Flying Lotus 3D 640x

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Blu-ray 3D is Slowly Repaced by 4K Ultra-HD

Aalongside the DVD and Blu-ray releases of Disney/Pixar’s Cars 3 is a Blu-ray 3D stereoscopic version. Interestingly, Disney has opted not to mirror the US and release an Ultra HD 4K Blu-ray edition, but to stick with 3D as its premium format for the release. But this is maybe one of the last survivors of the Blu-ray 3D age....

 Whilst 3D continues to battle on in cinemas, there are signs that the 3D disc format is very slowly drying up.

ultra hd 4k blu ray 640x

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Cease Fire 3D -Shot Live in 1953 in Korea- Is Available Again

Cease Fire (1953) is an unusual and even unique big studio feature from Paramount. Beyond its excellent use of stereoscopic 3D and stereo sound, Cease Fire is a semi-documentary depiction of the last days of the Korean War, shot on real battlefield locations, using real soldiers, more or less playing themselves, firing real ammunition. Watch the trailer here under.

CeaseFire3D 548x

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The Focus is on 3D Storytelling at Stereopsia 2017

The question of storytelling and corresponding grammar comes up each time a new form of immersive media sees the day of light. This was the case for stereoscopic 3D, and, without surprise, this is now the case for all currently-hot forms of immersive media, such as VR, AR, MR, XR, and 360°, all preferably with a touch of 3D to spice them up.

At Stereopsia's Professional conference (PCON), the "story” will begin with keynote speaker Frank Rose (Columbia University, USA) on “A new grammar of storytelling for the digital age”.

immersive storytelling 640x

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