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A 3D Hamlet musical is in the works

Mark Thomas of Elsinore Films is producing a 3-D musical"Hamlet" targeting the "Harry Potter" and "High School Musical" market.

Hamlet in 3D promises that the "latest 3D technology brings added excitement to cinema audiences: a ghost that hovers in front of your eyes, cannon-fire that flies into the auditorium and a final sword-fight that seems to literally be all around you"? Six Shakespeare movies in in this 3D series, reports Variety in this paper. Read also  the Paste Magazinepaper here.



Avatar booked for 3 months in IMAX

Once again, was one of the first to announce the forecasted success of Avatar ni IMAX theatres all over the world. Speculation over the theatrical prospects for James Cameron’sAvatar has begun to run so high that some IMAX theaters might book the movie for three months after its December release, up through the opening of Alice in Wonderland in early March. Read the paper here.


Panasonic surfs on the Avatar wave

Panasonic, the electronics manufacturer has been focusing on bringing 3-D technology into homes for awhile now. In 2010, Panasonic hopes to release a stereoscopic 3-D plasma home theater system that will replicate the experience of going to an actual movie theater with special TVs and Blu-Ray players. Avatar could be the first film released on Blu-Ray disc. Paste Magazine just reported the Panasonic-James Cameron ad venture. Read it here.



A newpaper in french on the Panasonic-Cameron association is published in La presse Canadienne. Read it here.