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"Metallica Through the Never" is Coming on an IMAX Screen Near You

Rock band Metallica upcoming feature film, Metallica Through the Never is released in stereoscopic 3D format on September 27, 2013 in IMAX theatres. The release date for regular 3D theatres is set to October 4, 2013.

The band released last week a 6-minutes "Making-of" video (visible here under) Check out how Metallica starts with the idea of making a 3D movie and winds up making a film unlike anything ever seen before.

metallica 250px

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Stereoscopic Player 1.9.9 is Available

Stereoscopic Player 1.9.9 is available for download since January 31, 2013. Stereoscopic Player is a versatile 3D movie player for your PC written by Peter Wimmer from It is the most used 3D player in the PC world.

This update fixes a few errors,  including the visible cursor in full screen mode that disappears now automatically. New "jump forward" and "jump backward" commands are added and a new version of the JPEG2000 decoder is included.


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Stereoscopic Player 2.2 Beta

Stereoscopic Player 2.2 is still in BETA version but this rewrite is really good value for money as lots of features make it more efficient, more useful, and more user-friendly: SP2.2 offers support of Oculus Rift with head tracking and chromatic aberration correction, GPU acceleration for anaglyph modes, a stereoscopic cursor is available even in full screen mode.

The rendering engine has been fully rewritten from scratch and is now less resources-hungry than before. The last official stable version is still 2.1.4 but we are expecting the "official" 2.2 really soon.

StereoscopicPlayer 2 2 250px

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Stereoscopic Player 2.2.8 Offers Multiple Instances and is Ready for Download

The completely rewritten Stereoscopic Player is now in 2.2.8 version and is worth upgrading!

Stereoscopic Player is more efficient, more useful, and more user-friendly than ever, with Oculus Rift support, GPU acceleration for anaglyph modes. The rendering engine has been fully rewritten from scratch in April 2014 and is now less resources-hungry than before. It offers a brand new toolbar in full screen mode and -new feature- three different settings may coexist in the same PC thanks to the "Multiple Stereoscopic Player Instances" kit.

StereoscopicPlayer 250px

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