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Sky 3D Test Card Program

The "SKY 3D Test Card Program" explains how to setup your viewing environment for watching stereoscopic 3D content, including a check of ambient lighting, color settings, aspect ratio on your TV set, etc.

Watch the clip here under.

Sky3D-test-card 250px

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Free Uncompressed Stereoscopic 3D HD Test Videos

The RMIT University (Melbourne, Australia) recently unveiled a new project to try to improve stereoscopic 3D video quality and standards adoption by releasing a library of high definition, uncompressed stereoscopic videos for researchers and interested consumers alike.

RMIT3DV is a library of uncompressed stereoscopic 3D high definition video available for free download under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. As part of a research project funded by the Smart Services CRC, the library is a collaboration between RMIT University and Alex and Jono Films in Melbourne, Australia.

The library contains 31 3D stereoscopic videos shot with a Panasonic AG-3DA1 camera at 25 frames/second and ranging from 17 to 148 seconds. Resolution is 1920x1080 pixels. An Mpeg4 compressed version is available for preview (with red/cyan anglyph glasses) while the original uncompressed videos are separated full color left and right files provided in .mov format.

RMIT-3DTV-logo 250px

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Grey Levels test image

The picture below is usefull to adjust a display gamma or brightness. You should be able to separate easily the twenty grey bands from each other. If the white ones are washed out, the gamma and/or the brightness are too high. If the dark bands looks fused together, increase the brightness and/or the gamma.



A useful paper explaining color and brighness patterns is here on Tom's hardware.

Total Disparity Calibration images

Total Disparity Calibration Images are pictures that look as normal 2D test patterns when viewed in 3D and as total chaos when viewed in 2D. Those images are extremely useful to align dual projector setups and are also nice to check the accuracy of any 3D display. Two Total Disparity Calibration Images are available here for download in full resolution : dual 1920x1080 and dual 1400x1050.



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Test Images

Sometimes you suspect bad behavior from your equipment; so, why not check if it works properly? We provide here several test images that are downloadable for free. Click on the thumbnails here under to display the full size images, then right-click and save each image on your hard disk.

Check Red/Cyan glasses with this image:


Color Bars 6x4 inches, 300 dpi with 20 levels gray scale: