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Total Disparity Calibration images

Total Disparity Calibration Images are pictures that look as normal 2D test patterns when viewed in 3D and as total chaos when viewed in 2D. Those images are extremely useful to align dual projector setups and are also nice to check the accuracy of any 3D display. Two Total Disparity Calibration Images are available here for download in full resolution : dual 1920x1080 and dual 1400x1050.



Technically, it means that each pixel in a Total Disparity Calibration Image is seen by only one eye. The 3D display overlays both left and right images, presenting to the glassless eye a full and seamless 2D picture. With 3D glasses on, each eye looks at half the picture and the result extremely disturbing because of the extreme disparity level.

Side effect : If you display a Total Disparity Calibration Image on a 3D monitor (i.e. with 3D Vision or XpanD active glasses) and look at the picture without glasses, the images should present almost no artfact; but if you move your head very fast from side to side, disturbing effects starts to appear due ti the time shift nature of the diplay....

On a passive display setup such as a dual projector with polarizers, you should be able to watch (again without the 3D glasses) a rock solid flat 2D test image. And of course, use the Total Disparity Calibration Image to align your projectors and to adjust the luma and chroma levels.

The Total Disparity Calibration Images are available on our web site here.