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Teaching Aid for Common Problems in Stereo3D

The three-minutes silent stereoscopic 3D video here under is a teaching aid by Karel Bata. Feel free to download and use.

Karel said: "I first show the first shot (①) 'Raw' and explain that this is straight from camera, but I've made some minor vertical and horizontal shifts to line the images up, and a small zoom in to eliminate cropping. Can the students spot anything else that may still need correcting? I pause/repeat the video while they consider. They're unlikely to see anything relevant, but it depends on who they are. I then show 2 (②) to 9 (⑨) saying that I have introduced some kind of error in each, and ask if they can spot what it may be." Can you spot the errors?

 commonproblems 640px

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Disney "3D Coloring Books" App is Awesome

Be Careful : Soon your children will steal your tablet to run the new Disney 3D Coloring Books app!

Coloring books are among the very first opportunities for children to create and learn self-expression through art. The Disney app Combines classic pen-and-paper coloring with the thrilling and immersive world of 3D animation, encouraging burgeoning artists to connect more deeply with their work and helping them to build even more imaginative worlds. Video Demo here under!

coloringbook3D 320px

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Use of Stereoscopy in Education

The In Depth Education web site and blog are designed to connect educators who work with stereoscopic 3D technologies. For example, there is a post about "What type of 3D Display should my school get?

 3D-Journey-Pin 250px

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Leonar3Do Launches Leopoly

Leonar3Do's (Budapest, Hungary) was at CES2014 with its new LeoPoly/LeoSculpt  on-line modeller. Leopoly is a super-easy to use 3D modeller, ideal to creat your own 3D-printable objects in no time.

The loeopoly models database is already 15,000  models strong so you have no to start from scratch.

Leopoly is compatible with the Leonar3Do hardware kit, which lets you break out of the 2D and work in virtual space using head tracked goggles and the Bird, the first 3D mouse.

Leonar3Do hardware offers the world’s first interactive desktop Virtual Reality kit that not only displays 3D, but also integrates you into your own personal virtual space. With Leonar3Do’s revolutionary Bird – the first true 3D mouse available for home and business users – you can reach, grab, work and play in virtual space. The hardware set comes with head-tracked stereoscopic goggles, enabling users to have the most natural viewing experience – turn your head and view your objects from different angles, move closer and the object zooms in accordingly.

leo 250px

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A new 3D Learning Center in Liège, Belgium

The "Centre de Technologies Avancées" is a new training center officially open this week in Liège, Belgium. The center provides short training sessions (one day to one week) to hi-tech SMEs and srtatup workers and covers all advanced 2D and 3D creation techniques, including 3D CGI, autostereoscopy, 3D printing, and large format cuting and printing machines.

CTA Innauguration 250px

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