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World's First Full HD Dual Projector Passive 3D Processor

3D Evolver by 3DVIP is the world's first 1080p Full HD Dual Projector Passive 3D processor delivering movie theatre quality experience via polarized glasses on a silver or regular screen. A simple set designed for commercial and residential experience offering dramatic stereoscopic 3D on a pair of standard HD video projectors.


dual-proector-passive-processor 250px


3D on a pair of standard 2D projectors

You need a couple of identical 60Hz HD video projectors, a couple of polarizing filters and passive 3D glasses. Do not forget a silver screen to project your movies on.

  • View 2D contents with enhanced quality and extraordinary depth with dual projectors and passive glasses.
  • Make every content a special viewing experience.
  • Supports 1080p and 2K formats.
  • Supports all 3D formats and all players – Satellite, Cable, Game consoles, 3D Blu-Ray players and internet/mobile players.

3D Evolver is ideal for sports bars, entertainment venues, hospitality industry, educational facilities, theatres, commercial events, corporate presentations, mobile event organizers, home theatres, cruise liners, and much more. The passive glasses along with non-3D projectors make this the most affordable option for any budget.

3D Evolver

Price and availability are not yet announced. Download the 3D Evolver pdf brochure. More info on the 3D Evolver is available at the 3D-VIP web site.