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Sony Patents Universal 3D Glasses

Sony (Japan) applied for a patent on January 31,2013 about active stereoscopic 3D glasses that can be used with any 3D TV set. The glasses use a variety of downloadable software and interchangeable modules that hold out the promise of cheaper 3D glasses that aren't tied to a single receiver model. This is more or less the active 3D glasses equivalent of the universal programmable remote control.

Sony-Universal-3D-Glasses 250px

Infrared control

Infrared control sequences send by the 3D TV set to control opening and closing of the LCD shutters vary for each  manufacturer. The Sony glasses (or one of their implementation) is able to switch between several control sequences and theoretically adapt to all Sony, Panasonic, LG, B&O, and you-name-it TV sets as long as they use infrared for 3D control. The system don't seem  is even able to address radio-frequency controlled glasses as long as the glasses are fitted with a radio-control module. Passive and colored glasses (i.e. Dolby) methods are not addressed.

Patent 20130027526 Abstract

Stereoscopic 3-D active shutter glasses with multiple IR, RF, and other receivers configured for different TV brands are presented. In some embodiments, the multiple receivers and their accompanying logic circuits can be embedded in the glasses and selected automatically from a lookup table. Various logic for demodulating or otherwise decoding signals can be downloaded off the Internet for different brands. In other embodiments, each receiver and accompanying logic circuit can be plugged in to the glasses as a separate module corresponding to each brand or TV model.

Filed: August 27, 2010

Application: January 31, 2013.

Source: US Patent Office.