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Sensio Patents Sensio "Hi-Fi 3D" Codec

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (Montreal, Canada) today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent 8,384,766 covering a proprietary decoding allowing edge-dependent ultra-high-fidelity decoding of SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D content.

Developed and refined by SENSIO for more than a decade, and deployed in the field for seven years, this mature technology is the format used to encode the wide selection of content provided via the 3DGO! content store.

sensio-patent 250px

Patent Abstract

A system is provided for processing a compressed image stream of a stereoscopic image stream, the compressed image stream having a plurality of frames in a first format, each frame consisting of a merged image comprising pixels sampled from a left image and pixels sampled from a right image. A receiver receives the compressed image stream and a decompressing module in communication with the receiver decompresses the compressed image stream. The left and right images of the decompressed image stream are stored in a frame buffer. A serializing unit reads pixels of the frames stored in the frame buffer and outputs a pixel stream comprising pixels of a left frame and pixels of a right frame. A stereoscopic image processor receives the pixel stream, buffers the pixels, performs interpolation in order to reconstruct pixels of the left and right images and outputs a reconstructed left pixel stream and a reconstructed right pixel stream, the reconstructed streams having a format different from the first format. A display signal generator receives the stereoscopic pixel stream to provide an output display signal.

Comments from Sensio

"SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D is a spatial compression technology that allows frame-compatible stereoscopic encoding with virtually no visual information loss. With this patented decoding technology SENSIO decoders can unlock the full visual potential of the high-quality content that is encoded in SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D," said Nicholas Routhier, SENSIO President and CEO.

"By giving priority to IP protection we ensure that SENSIO can continue to provide the end-results of the cutting edge 3D technologies we develop." SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D is a unique frame-compatible technology for high-fidelity stereoscopic signal processing.