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The Best 3D Home Cinema in the World

Jermey Kipnis from KSS (Connecticut, USA) is designing home theatres for you and me as long as we are looking for a world-class premium setup and that money is not an issue.

His own home theatre offers 4K 3D stereoscopic screen, 96 audio channels and 96,000 Watts of audio power. The room required three years of his life to build, but got him six Guinness Book of Records citations and many other awards.

To get something similar be prepared to handle him some 6M$...

Amazing Tech Specs and video tour here under.

Kipnis-3D-Home-Theatre 250px
Jeremy Kitpnis's Ciné Beta room with a PS3 game on screen
(Photo credit : Robert Wright Photography).

KSS Home Theatre Video Tour

Amazing Tech Specs


  • Home Cinema Size: 210 Sq. Meter interior area, 6 Meter height (vaulted), 10 Meter interior width,
  • Room Shape: Reverse Trapezoid (no parallel surfaces), Reinforced concrete foundation: ½ Meter,
  • Total Cost of interior and exterior design, all equipment, installation, furniture, accessories, and . . . The KSS Room, itself) $6 Million U.S. dollars,
  • Power Distribution: 2 Discrete 800 Amp. Electrical Services transformers
  • Electricity Bill : over 1,000$/month.


Sound processing and decoding equipment

  • 96,000 Watts of sound power.
  • Quad-Balanced Channels: 96,
  • Number of McIntosh Tube Amplifiers: 50,
  • Number of hand-matched tubes: 800,
  • Snell Speaker Arrays: 8 full range channels, 8 subwoofer infrasonic channels,
  • Total number of ½ meter Snell Woofers: 16,
  • Number of HD Source Units: 16.


  • Resolution: 4096 × 2160P
  • 1.78:1 Aspect Ratio
  • 3D capability
  • 16 Trillion Colors
  • Screen: 22' Snowmatte (1.0 gain)Stewart Laboratory screen


  • Computer controlled LED Lighting System,
  • 40 Spots,
  • 40 Floods,

Media Library

  • Long-playing records: 125,000,
  • Sheet music: 20,000,
  • LaserDiscs: 16,000,
  • Compact Discs: 14,000,
  • DVD: 12,000,
  • Reel-to-Reel tapes: 10,000,
  • Cassette tapes: 9,000,
  • HD-DVD and Blu-ray Discs: 8,000.

Next Project

After the Ciné Beta described here, Jeremy Kitnis's next project is a much larger, commercial-sized cinema theatre for an audience of 440 people. The 16K (4 x 4K Ultra HD) resolution he requires for the 120-foot deeply curved screen can totally immerse the audience in one giant image or many smaller images and he calls this one the ALPHA Cinema (Ciné ALPHA); it should cost approx. $100 Million USD and is to be built in New York City sometimes inthe future...


To learn everything about Jeremy Kipnis and KSS, or just to dream in face of incredible stats and pictures, visit