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DepthQ, the world’s fastest polarizer for 3D cinema

The DepthQ Polarization Modulator for 3D Digital Cinema is the world's fastest polarization switch for stereoscopic cinema, period.

Its newly patented technology makes DepthQ the world’s fastest passive glasses switch: With a powered, symmetrical 50 microsecond switching time between the eyes (1/20,000 s), DepthQ requires the world's smallest dark time, easily ensuring bright, low-crosstalk operation, even at the upcoming 3D HFR (high frame rate) targets of 48, 96, 192 or even 240 FPS, and beyond.

When combined with a silver screen, the DepthQ Polarization Modulator allows any digital cinema projector to display stunning stereoscopic 3D movies, viewable using inexpensive industry-standard passive glasses.

 depthQ-cinema-polarizer 250px

Video Demo

Technical info

The DepthQ Polarization Modulator utilizes a unique control methodology and combination of separate liquid crystal elements bonded together, enabling both high polarization efficiency over visible wavelengths from 400 to 750 nm (predominantly achromatic spectral response) as well as fast transition switching speeds between polarization states (50 microseconds) at frame rates from 96 to 400FPS (frames per second).

This 50µs switching time actually occurs faster than the smallest dark interval setting currently available in digital cinema when they 'catch up', even brighter 3D images will result!

By actively alternating between two orthogonal polarization orientations in sync with the progressive left/right double or triple-flash of stereoscopic cinema projections, matching polarized eyewear can passively block or transmit light to the viewer's eyes. Efficient, powered, symmetrical high-speed switching between the eyes ensures bright, low-crosstalk, flicker-free operation.

Advanced heat protection allows unlimited lamp power and a spectacular experience on large 3D screens, e.g. 18.3m (60ft) screens using a 6KW lamp, and even larger with higher wattage lamps.

Industry Backed

The DepthQ Polarization Modulator for 3D digital cinema has been successfully reviewed by executives from six major Hollywood studios and is listed on the Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Approved Equipment List. It is available with circular polarization only.


For details about the DepthQ cinema 3D stereoscopic polarizer, visit DepthQ.