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Sensio Patents Sensio "Hi-Fi 3D" Codec

SENSIO Technologies Inc. (Montreal, Canada) today announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office has issued US patent 8,384,766 covering a proprietary decoding allowing edge-dependent ultra-high-fidelity decoding of SENSIO Hi-Fi 3D content.

Developed and refined by SENSIO for more than a decade, and deployed in the field for seven years, this mature technology is the format used to encode the wide selection of content provided via the 3DGO! content store.

sensio-patent 250px

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Sony Patents Universal 3D Glasses

Sony (Japan) applied for a patent on January 31,2013 about active stereoscopic 3D glasses that can be used with any 3D TV set. The glasses use a variety of downloadable software and interchangeable modules that hold out the promise of cheaper 3D glasses that aren't tied to a single receiver model. This is more or less the active 3D glasses equivalent of the universal programmable remote control.

Sony-Universal-3D-Glasses 250px

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Sensomotoric 3D Glasses

SensoMotoric Instruments (Teltow, Germany) offers new active stereoscopic 3D glasses for virtual reality and 3D games. The new device includes two advanced motion-tracking functions. Dual onboard cameras are used to track eye movements, while a third front-facing camera captures a user's actual field of view. 

The glasses are visible at the SD&A - STEREOSCOPIC DISPLAYS AND APPLICATIONS conference from February 4-6, 2013.

 sensomotoric-glasses 250px

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Xpand expands its 3D Passive Glasses Deployment

Amsterdam Booking Company in the Netherlands have unanimously decided to select XPAND Passive 3D stereoscopic systems in their cinema theaters.

The new XPAND passive 3D system and glasses follow the successful deployment of XPAND active 3D systems in 23 ABC Cinema theaters throughout the Netherlands in 2010. In December 2012, 6 brand new XPAND 3D systems were installed in Dutch theaters, and now a total of 51 XPAND systems are now operational in The Netherlands.

 Xpand-passive-systems 250px

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3D Striker, a New Kind of 3D Glasses

3D Striker (Bellevue, WA,USA) is an innovative way of tranforming old 2D TV sets into fully-fledged 3D TVs. The magic is hidden inside a new kind of 3D glasses. You think you know all the 3D glasses flavors : polarized, active shutter, passive Dolby, and a bunch of anaglyph color glasses such as ColorCode, red/cyan, magenta/green, etc. And now 3D Striker is coming with a little electronic device synchronizing "active anaglyph" glasses. Tech details and video demo here under.

After successful demonstration at CES in January 2013, Striker 3D is looking forward to launch a Kickstarter campaign in February 2013.

 3DStriker 250x102

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