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World's First Full HD Dual Projector Passive 3D Processor

3D Evolver by 3DVIP is the world's first 1080p Full HD Dual Projector Passive 3D processor delivering movie theatre quality experience via polarized glasses on a silver or regular screen. A simple set designed for commercial and residential experience offering dramatic stereoscopic 3D on a pair of standard HD video projectors.


dual-proector-passive-processor 250px


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Doremi Servers Shipping 3D HFR Updates

Doremi (Sophia Antipolis, France and Burbank, CA, USA) has delivered over 48,000 cinema servers worldwide and is the most populat 3D cinema server provider in the world. And now, Doremi is pleased to announce the release of its stereoscopic 3D high-frame-rate (HFR) software and firmware updates. The updates will allow all existing IMBs (Integrated Media Block) in the field to be easily and remotely updated to support 3D HFR content.

Note: The IMB is the part of the digital projector receiving the digital content stream from the server and decrypting the signal to produce a watchable image.

The first worldwide release of a 3D HFR will be "The Hobbit: an Unexpected Journey" by Peter Jackson that will be released next month on December 12, 2012. 

Doremi IMB 3 250px

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T.I. patent on frame alternation and triple-flash stereoscopic 3D

In in patent called "US008274553- System and method for displaying stereoscopic digital motion picture images", two inventors from Texas Instruments (T.I.) claims the intellectual property of the frame alternation method of displaying stereoscopic images in cinemas, including the "triple flash" and "double flash" methods commonly used to reduce cross-talk. The patent was filed on October 18, 2005 and officially issued on September 25, 2012. Financial implications for all 3D stereoscopic equipment manufacturers are not yet known.

 TI-patent 250px

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Labor Day 3D Glasses Special Offer

Dimensional Optics (San Luis Obispo, CA,USA) is offering free shipping (inside USA) on all 3D (passive and active) 3D glasses sold through labor day (September 3, 2012).

Dimensional Optics product range covers: active 3D glasses with rechargeable batteries for most DLP projectors and 3D TV brands such as Panasonic, Sony, and others; passive circularly polarized glasses compatible with the RealD projection system; and polarized sunglasses.

dimensional-optics 250px

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Cinema Active 3D Glasses Sale

GetD Tech (Hong Kong) is an OEM active glasses provider for stereoscopic home cinema, museums, and cinema use. Their cinema acive glasses are compatible with most systems in use actually in movie theaters (Xpand, Volfoni, and others). Their 3D glasses run 300 hours on a single battery. The promotional price of the GT100 glasses is actually as low as 17$ apiece (for 1,000 pieces). Cinema sync module, 3D cinema infrared emitter and 3D glasses tester are also offered.

china-3d cinema solution 250px

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