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Trilite Large-scale Autostereoscopic Outdoor Displays

 State-of-the-art glasses-free stereoscopic 3D displays are often limited in size, e ffective brightness, number of 3D viewing zones, and maximum 3D viewing distances, all of which are mandatory requirements for large-scale outdoor displays. Conventional autostereoscopic indoor concepts like lenticular lenses or parallax barriers cannot simply be adapted for these screens due to the inherent loss of eff ective resolution and brightness, which would reduce both image quality and sunlight readability.

TriLite Technologies (Vienna, Austria) is developing a modular autostereoscopic multi-view display with full sunlight readability and up to several thousand 3D viewing zones.

 trilite 320px

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Epson LS10000 Laser Projector Offers Top-Notch 3D

Epson’s current flagship EH-LS10000 and his laser light engine may well be the most revolutionary projector for your home theatre. And it is stays under $10K (We found it for $7,999)

ProjectorReviews ranks it as "Best in Class", while for HDTVTest, it is "Highly Recommended"

EPSON ls10000 320px

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Throw your Xenon, Buy a LUX 6-primary Laser System instead

A revolution is coming in the world of stereoscopic 3D theatrical projectors: Xenon-to-laser lamp house replacement!

LUX Cinema Laser Light Engines, presented by Cinemeccanica and XPAND, are a highly-evolved line of modular laser light engine modules with 6-primary (6P) laser system, putting Xenon lamp in the history of cinema.

LUX series is available as a retrofit engine, compatible with all Series 2 cinema DLP projectors, and as a standalone laser light source projector.

LUX 320px

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TriLite Technologies Giant Glasses-free 3D Projector is the First of its Kind

Imagine giant outdoor screens for digital advertising at the hot spots of the world, sports events and concerts, public screenings, digital traffic signage, and more – in autostereoscopic 3D!

TriLite Technologies (Neutal, Austria) is developing a modular autostereoscopic multi-view display with full sunlight readability and up to several thousand 3D viewing zones. The prototype will be demoed at Photonics West from February 10 to February 12, 2015 in San Francisco, CA, USA. Video demo here under.

TriLite 3D display Times Square 320px

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MasterImage Horizon3D Offers 33% Light Efficiency

The MasterImage HORIZON3D cinema system takes 3D to new levels of brightness and picture quality — with better light efficiency (33%), more vivid colors, and sharper images than any other 3D system. Based on MasterImage patented three-beam optical system, the HORIZON3D is also the first stereoscopic system to support throw ratios up to 0.8.

horizons 320px

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