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3D has a Bright Future Thanks to Harkness

Harkness is one of the most known cinema screen manufacturers and their new Spectral 300 screen has a silver surface claimed to be very suitable for achieving high brigthness levels. The new screen was introduced at CinemaCon in April 2012; its 3.0 gain is far above the 2.4 gain most silver screens are offering.

The Spectral 300 screen was used for the Albert Hall premiere of James Cameron's Titanic 3D where its super-high brigthness shined with its 25% increase in luminosity from the previous 240 generation.

Of course, nothing comes free: Higher brightness for all seats close to the projection axis means that the ligth level remaining for off-center seats is also lower; so, if you go to a passive 3D screening, arrive early and find a seat exactly on the room center line ! And if you own a short and wide theatre, consider installing a brigther lamp and lower gain screen; on the contrary, owners of long and narrow theatre may change to Spectral 300 and offer unsurpassed light level for their 3D screeings.


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XpanD X104 YOUniversal 3D Glasses

Many 3D TVs especially Plasma TVs and most 3D stereoscopic home cinema projectors require the use of Active Shutter LCD glasses to benefit from the 3D effect.

XpanD has introduced recently its X104 YOUniversal Active Shutter 3D Glasses, which provides not only a built-in rechargeable battery, but also can work with either infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF)-based synchronisation emitters but also  provides access to online configuration updates and customizable user settings via PC software. The glasses even come in three sizes: large, regular, and small. The three models are advertised between 70 and 80$ per pair on most online shops.

Xpand-X104-Universal-3D-Glasses 250px

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Alternative Supplier of Sharp 3D Glasses

Dimensional Optics now offers 3D glasses compatible with all Sharp 3D TV’s. At, Sharp 3D TV owners will find an easy-to-navigate website which includes compatibility guides and product comparison charts, all designed to inform and educate the consumer about comparable 3D glasses and compatible 3D TV models.

The 3ACTIVE brand of rechargeable 3D glasses for Sharp 3D TV’s are manufactured from high quality materials and boast an extremely comfortable fit providing one of the best values available in the 3D eyewear market today.

dimensional-optics-3d-glasses-for-sharp-tv 250px

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Qube: A Server for Your Wildest 3D Dreams

Qube Cinema will demonstrate the high-frame-rate (HFR) and high-bit-rate (HBR) capabilities of its Qube XP-I server and the assiciated Qube Xi Integrated Media Block (IMB) at CineEurope Booth 301 (June 18-21, 2012) in Barcelona, Spain.

A single Qube XP-I server playing a single DCP can now drive a combined 240 frames per second stereoscopic 3D projection, sending 120 fps to each eye through two Qube Xi IMBs installed in two projectors. With throughput to play back up to 1,000 Mbps, a single Qube XP-I server is capable of multi-media blocks sync, delivering 4K content to two Qube Xi IMBs in two projectors, with both images in perfect frame synchronisation.

Qube 250px

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Dcinex, the Largest Digital Cinema Network in europe

XDC, FTT and Bewegte Bilder announce the merging and rebranding of their group to dcinex.

XDC, FTT and Bewegte Bilder are leading service providers of Digital Cinema services in Europe. The decision to merge and develop the new common brand – dcinex™ - is intended to leverage the enormous potential and knowledge base of the entities while reinforcing the synergies amongst all three parties.

A word from Serge Plasch, XDC CEO

With dcinex™, our goal is to strengthen our position of an end-to-end cinema sales and service organization and to create a leading brand with full geographic coverage across all European countries,” stated Serge Plasch, CEO of XDC. “The time has come to join forces and fully utilize our wide range of know-how and experience” he added.


dcinex™ will operate under two main business lines: Exhibitor Services and Content Services. The company will continue to serve all players in the cinema industry in a streamlined and focused way. On the Exhibitor side, dcinex™ will focus on full service provision including 2D and 3D stereoscopic cinema equipment supply and installation, VPF financing, NOC Support and maintenance services. On the Content side dcinex™ will focus on offering the full range of post-production and mastering services for distributors and 2D and 3D content owners, as well as Pan-European physical and electronic delivery and digital rights management.


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A word from Bewegte Bilder CEO Carsten Schuffert

This versatility accounts for the company’s past and current success and is the key to continued development of dcinex™ in the future” commented Carsten Schuffert, XDC’s Vice President of Content & Delivery Services, and CEO of Bewegte Bilder. He continued: "dcinex™ combines lab and distribution services in different countries and enables us to have both, a national and a Pan-European scope".

A word from Till Cussmann, FTT Marketing Director

The group employs approximately 200 professionals in 14 countries throughout Europe. “Until now, the awareness of all three brands functioning under one umbrella has been limited” commented Till Cussmann, FTT Sales & Marketing Director. “Our individual brands are all very strong in their respective markets. With dcinex™ we will become one single entity while optimizing our different strengths and local footprints. The new brand will continue to operate locally with a high degree of independence while developing the full potential of a Pan-European network” he added. 


The new web site dcinex is accessible from today, May 16, 2012. The company is currently developing its new corporate identity which will be officially launched at CineEurope in Barcelona in June (but  the logo is already visible).

dcinex will be based at the actual XDC location: Le Pôle Image de Liège, Rue de Mulhouse, 36, Liège, Belgium.