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DNA-Rubio "2k+3D" camera systems

The company called DNA-Rubio3D announces a set of new cameras for 2010. Based on Kodak 1" cameras, the systems are using affordable C-mount lenses and allows for a 65mm interocular distance. Prices to be announced soon.

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RED day

RED has promised to hold a “RED Day” on 13 Feb 2009 in Los Angeles.  RED will present the prototypes of the long-delayed cameras EPIC and Scarlet. The new cameras use a modular system that can fully adapt to the shooting environment including stereoscopic and handheld 3D recording. Read the announcement here in High Tech Lounge or check the RED web site here.

Set-up a 3D rig in 8 minutes 23 seconds

Keslow Camera is a rental operation in the Hollywood area. They decided to go 3D with the Element Technica Rigs for a start. And the set-up of the 3D rig was shot in this nice time-lapse video.


Find more information about KeslowCamera here and on Element Technika here.

3D Film Factory RED rig

3D Film Factory has released the first production-ready, cost-effective 3D camera system – the 3D-BS Pro Rig. This 3D beam-splitter rig was specifically designed for use with the Red One cameras, as well as, other larger, broadcast quality cameras.


Its durable, precise configuration was developed with the guidance of experienced stereographers to provide a viable, affordable alternative to high-priced 3D rigs costing ten times as much. Read the last 3D Film Factory press release here.