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Sonic The Hedgehog Available in 3D on the 3DS

Sonic the Hedgehog, the classic speed runner game, appeared in May 2013 on the Nintendo 3DS with stereoscopic 3D capabilities in Japan. The game was available in Japan from May 15 for 600 yen (around $6 U.S.) and is now available in Europe according to the official Nintendo Magazine (UK Price: £4.49).

Sonic 3D 250px

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"Crash City Mayhem" Debuts on 3DS

Crash City Mayhem comes speeding on to the Nintendo 3DS autostereoscopic console on May 9, 2013, priced at £17.99 GBP in the UK

The more you destroy, the greater your rewards as you smash through city streets in a series of dangerous  Players will be able to drive a huge variety of crazy vehicles including mopeds, supercars and tanks as they dodge the cops in a wealth of missions including high-speed pursuits, rescuing hostages and planting bombs.

crash city mayhem 250px

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Angry Birds 3D Released on September 28, 2012

Rovio and Activision have been able to transform cohorts of young (and less young) people in Angry Birds afficionados / green pig killers. Now the owners of the Nintendo 3DS console will be able to play Angry Birds in 3D (but PS3, XBox, and PC owners will not be forgotten).

Angry Birds in 3D will be included in the Angry Birds: Trilogy that will be available across Europe on the 28th of September 2012.

Love them or hate them, the Angry Birds (and their attacks on the green pigs) are here to stay!

angry-birds-3D 250px

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July 28 : Nintendo 3D XL meets Plants 3D

Nintendo (Japan) has teamed up with David Attenborough to bring exclusive new video content for the launch of the Nintendo 3DS XL console on July 28, 2012. The partnership will see an exclusive 3D video clip from Kingdom of Plants 3D with David Attenborough made available to download for free from the Nintendo eShop on 28th July 2012 for all Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL owners to marvel at.

kingdom-of-plants 250px

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A New 3D Console: Nintendo 3DS XL

Today Nintendo officially unveiled the Nintendo 3DS XL, a larger version of the company's 3D stereoscopic handheld console. Dimensions of the new device : 161.0 X 91.4 X 21.2mm. Weight : 314 gr (+ 36%).

The 3DS XL (known as 3DS LL in Japan) has a 4.88-inch upper screen (+38% linear, +93% in surface), and a 4.18-inch bottom touch screen (+38%). The 3DS XL will hit North American retail, with a 4GB memory card, on August 19 for $199.99, on the same day as the new Super Mario Bros. 2's release.

dsi-xl-vs-dsi-size 250px

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