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Limbo, Black-and-White 3D game

Playdead, the independent Danish development studio behind the award-winning platform game LIMBO, announced today that LIMBO: Special Edition is now available for order. The game is still in full black and white and is playable in full HD 3D stereoscopic mode.

The special edition includes DRM-free versions of LIMBO for both the Mac and PC, as well as a Steam gift key for the game. It also includes seven original art cards, a sticker of the main character’s head, and a pair of 3D glasses. All of this comes in a special edition hard cover box.

Limbo-3D 250px

What is LIMBO?

LIMBO is an indie side-scrolling platformer in which a young, shadowy protagonist escapes death and dismemberment through his wits alone. The stark black-and-whiteart direction of the game got the title even more attention than its puzzle-solving gameplay. Gamers can choose to play the game in stereoscopic 3D, which is the reason for the inclusion of the glasses in the special edition. 


The LIMBO Special Edition game includes also a stand-alone soundtrack by composer Martin Stig Andersen.

Humble Indie Bundle

According to Playdead, the game has received nearly 100 awards and has sold over 1 million copies on various platforms. It was recently featured in the latest Humble Indie Bundle, which raised over $5 million for indie developers and charity. The Bundle achieved this month the record breaking number of 600.00 units!! Thanks to all of buyers who support indie development, charity and the bundle project it self.

 “Stunningly beautiful and hauntingly atmospheric, Limbo is a modern day masterpiece. The puzzles are balanced and intelligent, and the art direction is phenomenal. This is one of the classics you owe yourself to experience.”



Playdead is an independent game studio based in Copenhagen, Denemark. It was founded by Arnt Jensen and Dino Patti in 2006 and occupies 20 people now. LIMBO was Playdead’s first production, but they are working hard on bringing the next project to the masses. This is being realized with of course with Arnt Jensen as the Director. Visit the LIMBO Game web site for more info. 

LIMBO Special Edition is available in most online shops, including StereoscopyShop (usually at 24.99$).StereoscopyShop-Buy-Now-125x32