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3D Vision surround

nVidia will release soon 3D Vision surround, offering 3D games on three full HD screens at once. This means they are really really close to throwing one billion pixels per second to our eyes!


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BioShock 2 will be in 3D

BioShock 2 will support nVidia 3D Vision goggles on 120Hz PCs. The news has been announced today as the new game is due very soon now. BioShock 2 is a PC game produced by Digital Extremes.


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God of War III goes 3D

In an exclusive interview with NowGamer, God of War III game director, Stig Asmussen, has confirmed that Kratos could be headed for the stereoscopic treatment. Stig said: “There's no reason why we couldn't discuss in the future adding a patch to work with the 3D stuff”. Read the paper here in NowGamer.


"Attack of the Movies 3D" for the Wii

Majesco, a game developer company, announces the first 3D shooter game for the Wii: "Attack of the Movies 3D". The game will feature all the weaponry needed to defeat the most deadly of movie enemies including a shotgun for zombies and laser gun for sci-fi villains. Read the announcement here on the Majesco web site.

Pseudo-3D on PSP

A Fresnel lens in front of your PSP, and voilà! instant-3D ....  Not truly, but close...


V-Screen is a device adding a sense of depth to the PSP games by forcing the eyes to converge not on the screen but on the horizon.

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