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Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo”

At the surprise screening of HUGO, the work-in-progress film from  legendary director Martin Scosese at this week’s New York Film Festival,the audience  was so enthusiastic that it left one question lingering in the air:

Has Scorsese just saved 3D?

Scorsese looks at the people who call 3D a gimmick, compares us to those who thought motion pictures were a fad a century ago, then goes on to show us what's probably the most gorgeous live-action 3D film ever made. The 3D isn't just a new cinematic trick for Scorsese to play with, but inherently tied to the narrative, a key element that shines up everything else around it.


"Hugo" is based on Brian Selznick's book "The Invention of Hugo Cabret" – and according to viewers, it is less of a children's film than Scorsese's cinematic history lesson.

And as soon as the film ended, viewers rushed to the web to offer instant impressions. Since it's too early to actually review an unfinished film, Twitter became the medium of choice for quick reactions. Look for #HUGO on Twitter.

Set for a Thanksgiving release, HUGO has a lot of the warm holiday charm of the early Harry Potter movies, but with a fierce love for cinema and an uncommon cast of characters that makes it unique, and maybe even better suited for adults than for kids. HUGO is on IMDB (with two 2D video trailers).

Story: With a colorful troupe of supporting characters, including Sacha Baron Cohen as a grouchy train conductor and Ben Kinsley as a mysterious shop owner, newcomer Asa Butterfield shines as a recently orphaned kid living in a Paris, France train station who gets wrapped up in a mystery around a robot/music box left by his recently deceased father (played by Jude Law).


The 2D trailer is visible in this Upandcomers paper.

Source : UpandComers, Reuters, CinemaBlend.