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Luc Besson Releases new Valerian 3D Trailer

The trailer for Luc Besson‘s 129-minutes 3D movie "Valerian and the City Of A Thousand Planets" was released on November 11, 2016. Watch it here under and discover a (small) part of the 100+ different fantastic looking alien creatures populating the stunning stereoscopic movie that will come to a theater near you in July 2017.

Valerian 640px

The Trailer

CGI and The Beatles for a Comic Book Story

The movie is adapted from the French "Valerian" comic series. icing on the 3D cake is a Beatles soundtrack; it is  the first time since 40 years that they allowed a film to get the original song! CGI creatures are animated by Weta Digital in New Zealand; ILM is involved too.

Valerian and Laureline, the two detectives are "Spatio-Temporal Agents". That means that they can travel in space as well as time. But the spaceship they have, it’s an XB980. The B model is able to go to 30 centuries on average. The A model can’t go in time. It can go in space, but only in this galaxy. The B model can go 1,000 million lightyears. It’s a very powerful spaceship.

Besson said...

Besson about Valerian, Laureline, and the aliens: "I love the two characters. ‘Cause it’s a comic book that I read when I was 10. And I’m in love with them since. ... I have like 10 actors and 100 aliens in the film, and they come from the four corners of the universe. Some of them are liquid. Some of them are just so visually crazy!".

And about 3D conversion of the film : "I’m not a super big fan of 3D ... But I saw the teaser in 3D. The shot of the canyon in 3D is amazing. You see all the levels. The 3D is very impressive. I’m amazed by the conversion. I don’t know how they do it".

The main storyline for the movie is based on the "Emperor of Shadows" book.

Source: A super-interesting interview of Luc Besson by Peter Sciretta from Slashfilm.