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Crime Squad 3D is Coming

Crime Squad is a new multi-part comedy 3D stereoscopic web series that tells the story of Dick Rize and Dawn Shine, two hapless 1970’s cops as they bumble their way through their crime fighting duties.

Crime Squad 3D is the world's first native stereoscopic 3D comedy web series. It is launchend now in July 2015 and is also available in 2D "Flat-o-vision". 

Crime squad 320px

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VisioKids 3D TV Series

Insizium SA (Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal) produced a 65-episode series in stereoscopic 3D format, for channel 2 of the Portuguese national television (RTP 2) where it is visible sonce September 23, 2013.

Named Visiokids, and focused on children 6 up to 10 years old, the series has been designed to divulge science in a fun and informal manner. To complement the Visiokids learning experience, Insizium also produced interactive applications in 3D stereo for all the characters, which are available in the Interactive Virtual Reality equipment installed in Insizium’s Science Centre called Visionarium, near the city of Porto, Portugal. Each one of the five personalities – Atómico, Bit, Cassiopeia, Cósmico and Vita – is a specialist in one of the areas of knowledge.

visiokids 250px

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Sawdust 3D Trailer Released

"SAWDUST" is a scripted, dramatic original television series to be produced in stereoscopic 3D and 2D for home entertainment and mobile devices.

The story of a family-owned circus traveling across America during the hard times of the great depression. This one-hour drama is being shot simultaneously in stereoscopic 3D and 2D and styled in the look and fashion of 1930's America.

 sawdust 250px

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Coronation Street Soon in 3D

Coronation Street is the most popular TV series in UK. The show was already on air in black and white in 1960. After going HD, Coronation Street was 3D tested in 2011.

And now while the series stage is moving to brand new studios inside the MediaCity in Salfords Quays (Manchester,UK) the production is also switching from HD cameras to brand new 3D rigs. 

 coronation street-anaglyph 250px

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Dr. Who Coming to British 3D TV Sets for Christmas

Doctor Who is maybe the oldest TV series. For its 50th anniversary, it will be screened in 3D just before Christmas 2013. Doctor Who celebrates its 50th birthday in November, but it is not the first time viewers have had the chance to see the Time Lord in stereoscopic 3D. Doctor Who's 30th anniversary was marked in 1993 with a 3D story, "Dimensions in Time", broadcast as part of Children In Need.

The stereoscopic 3D special will be visible in cinemas in the UK and can be watched at home on the BBC HD channel on 23 November, 2013. The BBC’s controller of drama commissioning Ben Stephenson said: “It’s about time. Technology has finally caught up with Doctor Who and your television is now bigger on the inside. A whole new dimension of adventure for the Doctor to explore.

 dr-who-3D 250px

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