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Makay, the lost world's raiders 3D

"Makay, the lost world's raiders" will be broadcast on Canal+ France in 3D on December 14, 2011 at 20:50. This documentary film is about a 2007 expedition in the heart of Madagascar. A 3D Blu-ray will be available too (20€). Pierre Stine directed the shooting with four stereographers from Binocle (Paris, France) in charge of 3D : 2 months of green hell with 90% humidity, temperatures above death valley level, torrential rain, snake bites, and other fun moments....

makay-3D-Shooting 250px


In 2007 the young explorer Evrard Wendenbaum cultivates the dream to lead an international team of researchers to the rocky trails of Makay, an almost unknown region Southeast of Madagascar. Canal +  followed his project and decided to make a 90 minute 3D documentary.

This difficult production and technical and human challenges will be entrusted to Gédéon Programmes, with Pierre Stine directing a Binocle production in 3DS. In record time, Binocle 3D developed the lightest equipment possible, that is both manageable and reliable, while four of its best stereographs are sent on the expedition. For two months, the 80 participants of the expedition are going to immerse you in the maze of this hostile massif in total autonomy. With close to 90% humidity, heat spiking up to 113° Fahrenheit, torrential rains, infected wounds, this was the daily grind of a group of international researchers to study one of the last havens of biodiversity, now threatened by an unregulated deforestation.

Four videos from the Makay expedition are visible on the expedition's web site (in 2D, dialogs in French).

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Follw the shooting report on