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"A Lapse of Time 3D" by Céline Tricart

Céline Tricart is the rising 3D cinéma director in France. Her last short was shot in and around the old Strasbourg cathedral. She used RED cameras on a Binocle 3D Rig to capture images for the 15-minutes long movie now available online on YouTube in Full HD 3D. 

A-lapse-of-time 250px

The Trailer (in 3D)

A Lapse of Time 

On a winter afternoon, in the course of a hide and seek game, a kid finds shelter in the most unlikely of places : the huge astronomically-tuned clock of the city's cathedral! Sneaking his way through, he accidentally gets his jacket stuck into the mechanism blocking the entire system... and of time itself! Years later, in the wake of this experience, the kid is now an established clockworker spending his life trying to bring back to life watches and clocks of all sorts. Until one day when he realizes time is actually slowing down...

About Céline Tricart

Céline Tricart is in our 3D VIP listVisit Céline' web site for her latest 3D pictures and 3D films.

Visit also her 3D Video channel on YouTube and her 3D Showreel.

More about "A Lapse of Time" by Céline Tricart

  • Aspect Ratio: 1.85
  • Shot in Red Raw 4K format on RED cameras and Binocle 3D rig
  • Production : Kafard Films
  • Casting: Yann Sorton, Simon Delagnes

Visit "A Lapse of Time" official web site.