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The Most 3D Popular 3D Channel Strikes Again

The most popular 3D channel on YouTube is managed by Tom Gifford. Eight of those video have been watched more than one million times and the cumulative views counter is over 40 Million.

If case you didn't noticed, Tom is an adept of extreme parallax. His videos are full of in-your-face moments with parallax as high as 30% of screen width. His last success "3D Super Extreme" combines CGI elements on a static live background and is available in 4K 3D on YouTube. Some of the objects are thrown through the screen, pushing the parallax over 100%. 

Tom breaks many of the 3D rules (see the 1O Commandments of Stereoscopy) but for short periods, our brain is able to afford the monstrous parallax values and appreciate 3D for the sake of 3D. It even likes it so much it asks for more several times in a row ...

 extreme-parallax 250px

3D Super Extreme Video (4K)

Typical positive parallax (behind the screen) is around 3% while negative parallax (popping out of the screen) are usually in the 20-30% range and even more for very short instants.

If your bandwidth is not good enough for the higher resolutions (1080p or the native 4K 3D format), check "Easy Way to Download YouTube 3D Videos", then watch the downloaded file locally with StereoscopicPlayer; the free version is OK to watch 3D videos under 5 minutes.

Tom Gifford, 3DN3D and the 1Tompo1 Channel

As YouTube HD and 3D formats are now supported on most of the smart 3D TV sets many hardware vendors are using Tom's 3D videos to showcase their products. We found them used to demo glasses-free HTC Evo smartphones and Android tablets such as the Gadmei E8-3D.

Tom uses Panasonic Lumix GH2 cameras fitted on a home-made rig and synchronized thanks a popular hack (you may use the Applied Logic controller too).

For more info about Tom Gifford, visit the 3DN3D web site. Tom Gifford is also on Facebook.

Check the 1Tompo1 YouTube channel to browse all the 3D stereoscopic videos.