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Is UFOTOG the Future of 3D Cinema?

UFOTOG is the last experimental 3D movie by 72years old visionary Doug Trumbull, father of the showscan technology. At a stunning 120 frames per second, UFOTOG offers five times more images to your eyes than a normal 24 fps movie. For added crispness, Trumbull screened the film using a new model of 6-primaries laser projector made by Christie Digital, which eliminates the light loss that turns so many projections of stereoscopic films into mud.

Trumbull-3D-cinema 320px

The UFOTOG Project

This video is a brief overview of Douglas Trumbull's project to photograph UFO's. Though he has invested heavily on his own over the years, the acclaimed film director and special effects wizard hopes to one day obtain financing for the project so that he can "hit the road and do the real research."

UFOTOG was filmed in Doug's Barn

The effects in UFOTOG were all created in Trumbull’s studio barn, many organically rather than digitally. One astonishing sequence, the opening of a wormhole-like portal in space, was achieved by pouring liquid argon through a funnel, a technique Trumbull found by accident. “When I was doing a commercial with a friend a few years ago, this argon started dripping out of a tank, and when the drops fell, they left these contrails behind them of frozen air,” he says. “They looked like little comets, it was the most beautiful thing. And we said, ‘God, you could never do that with computer graphics.’ No one could ever write a piece of code that would do that.”

UFOTOG Magi Process

Source: The Telegraph.