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Kickstarter Campaign Helps Production of "Planet of the Ultraviolets 3D"

The kickstarter "Staff Pick" of the day is a crowdfunding campaign aimed at finishing the first stereoscopic 3D  movie ever shot with UV cameras. In less than a week, backers are offering already 40% of the seeked 3,000$.

PLANET OF THE ULTRAVIOLETS is a mixed media short film that delves into the world of a tribe of free-spirited flourescent people, who are attacked by an invading flock of eyeballs that feast on color. It expands on the ultraviolet world of Ryan suits' previous award-winning short PLASTICITY 3D.

 planet-uv-2 320px

Tech Bits

The film combines actors in UV reactive body paint, light painting animation, miniature sets, and macrophotography. Tech-wise Ryan has shot most of this as RAW sequential stills with multiple Canon 5D’s. The effect is like stop motion, but incorporating movement and long exposures to create trails of light. The resolution of the stills allows us to edit it in 4K and combining the images from multiple cameras creates the depth for the 3D video and lenticulars.

planet-uv-3 320px

What will be done with the Kickstarter funds?

The money will primarily go towards sound design and post-production (stereo 3D corrections, editing, animation), and printing costs (for lenticulars and ViewMaster reels). Any additional funds will be used to recoup production expenses (actor salaries, equipment rental, materials, etc). Ryan and his team have  shot all of the live action actors and part of the special effects. They still have to shoot additional light paintings, backgrounds, have music composed for it, and drudge through many sleepless nights of editing.


More Info

Want to help Ryan Suits completing its "Planet of the Ultraviolets"? Visit Kickstarter before November 14, 2014..

Ryan suits is on IMDB and on Facebook.