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How to Shoot High Frame Rate 3D

"Later, in the restaurant..." is a 1-minute stereoscopic 3D short that was presented at the Beyond 3D Symposium in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Watch the 3D version here under.

joe-square-color 320px

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Kickstarter Campaign Helps Production of "Planet of the Ultraviolets 3D"

The kickstarter "Staff Pick" of the day is a crowdfunding campaign aimed at finishing the first stereoscopic 3D  movie ever shot with UV cameras. In less than a week, backers are offering already 40% of the seeked 3,000$.

PLANET OF THE ULTRAVIOLETS is a mixed media short film that delves into the world of a tribe of free-spirited flourescent people, who are attacked by an invading flock of eyeballs that feast on color. It expands on the ultraviolet world of Ryan suits' previous award-winning short PLASTICITY 3D.

 planet-uv-2 320px

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Is UFOTOG the Future of 3D Cinema?

UFOTOG is the last experimental 3D movie by 72years old visionary Doug Trumbull, father of the showscan technology. At a stunning 120 frames per second, UFOTOG offers five times more images to your eyes than a normal 24 fps movie. For added crispness, Trumbull screened the film using a new model of 6-primaries laser projector made by Christie Digital, which eliminates the light loss that turns so many projections of stereoscopic films into mud.

Trumbull-3D-cinema 320px

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Watch French 3D Short "La Mer, Un Metier" Online

"La Mer, Un Metier" (The Sea, a Profession) is a 9-minute stereoscopic 3D short promoting the richness and diversity of marine trades in the French coastal region of Brittany.

A new small size 3D theatre was installed specially for the regional Olympics selection event in Brest (France) in February 2014. The movie was shot on a Panasonic AG3D-P1 by local company 3DStereoProd.

Watch the full 3D and 2D versions here under.

 lamerunmetier 250px

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Sochi in 3D

Omega, a Phantom slo-mo camera, and the 3D conversion wizards at PrimeFocus are commited to bring us a 90-second slice of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in glorious stereosocpic 3D.

 Prime Focus has completed full post production including stereoscopic conversion on a film about speedskating for Omega, official timekeepers at the Sochi Winter Olympics. The film wa made by corporate producer Quite Frankly Productions.

Watch the 3D short here under (switching to 2D is possible too).

sochi2014-3D 250px

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