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"Daily Battles" 3D Premiered at TED2013

"Daily Battles" was directed by James Stewart and produced by Geneva Films in Canada. "Daily Battles" is a stereoscopic 3D short movie based on paper artwork by artist Béatrice Caron. The film was presented for the first time at TED2013

Watch the full "Daily Battles" short here under (in 2D).

 DailyBattles 250x

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Jeff Boller Wins Ray Zone Award for "A Geek like Me"

Jeff Boller created the stereoscopic 3D video "A Geek Like Me" with 4,418 sheets of paper and a lot of pencils. It took approximately a year to make, from storyboards to final cut. It won the Ray Zone Award for Excellence in 3-DIY and was in the official selection at the 10th Annual LA 3D Movie Festival in December 2013. “It took on average ten minutes to draw each picture,” he says. “Add that up and I spent one month straight last year doing nothing but drawing.

Watch "A Geek Like Mehere under in 2D or 3D.

 Boller-Award picture 250x

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The Chaperone 3D

The Chaperone 3D is a short hand drawn animated documentary that was presented at the TIFF festival in September 2013. Told from the first person unscripted perspective of the school teacher and DJ who were there that night, The Chaperone recreates the whole scene using hand drawn animation, miniature sets, puppets, live action Kung Fu and explosions all done in stereoscopic 3D.

With over 10,000 hand drawings (many of which were colored in crayon by hand), an original blaxploitation score and featuring a cast of over 200 people, The Chaperone is an unconventional approach to documentary shorts.

The Story

The Chaperone 3D tells the true story of a lone teacher who is chaperoning a middle school dance in 1970s Montreal, when it is invaded by a menacing motorcycle gang. The Chaperone 3D recreates the scene using hand drawn animation, miniature sets, puppets, live action Kung Fu and explosions all done in stereoscopic 3D.

Watch the trailer here under.

the-chaperone-3D 250x

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Genesis, First 3D HFR Short Movie

Genesis is the world's first stereoscopic 3D HFR (high frame rate) short film. Genesis did a wide festival circuit in 2013.

Directed by Noah Shulman, Genesis tells an abstract story of the creation of the Earth through color. Shulman opted to shoot in HFR (high frame rate) with RED Epic M cameras on an Element Technica rig to give the piece a hyper-realistic look, immersing the viewers into the mysterious world of Genesis. The movie is not only HFR 3D, it is also Slo-Motion HFR 3D, making everything a bit more complicated... Most of the project was shot at 120 frames per second and is projected in 50% slow motion at 60 fps.

genesis 250px

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EndTrip Won the Klik! Award for Best 3D Stereoscopic Short

Even the audience at the KLIK! Festival (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) had a chance to vote for the various awards. The Award For Best 3-D Stereoscopic Animated Short made Olivier Ballast happy (and €500 richer) thanks to its Endtrip short.

Endtrip is a strange and breathtaking trip through the bizarre and fantastical unconscious mind of a drug-overdosed young girl. The short (05min10) movie is the brainchild of Koen de Mol, Olivier Ballast et Rick Franssen; and it is their graduation work at the same time.

Watch the 2D version here under.

endtrip-shortfilm-8 250px

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