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"The Flamingo 3D" full movie is online

"The Flamingo 3D" by Jim Cimmings from CaliforniaStereoscopic is a short (31 minutes) stereoscopic 3D movie now available on Youtube.

the flamingo 3d fb 250px

It becomes the 200th movie accessible online on our "3D movies Trailers" page and also the first to be featured in whole and not just as a teaser or trailer. Watch it here under.

flamingo-3d-shooting 250px

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Interested in Crowdfunding a 3D Movie?

Slovenian film director Rahela Jagric is launching a crowdfunding campaign for its next stereoscopic 3D movie "Patupaiarehe" through the IndieGogo platform. Rahela Jagric lives in New Zealand and is the author of "Coming Home", an award winning 2010 3D short movie presented in European film festivals a couple of years ago.

"Patupaiarehe" revolves around Cameron, a developer, whose company aims to dry out one of the few remaining wetland areas of New Zealand in order to build luxury houses. In a forest near the future construction site he encounters a Patupaiarehe, an elve-like woman from Maori-mythology, who sends him on a spiritual journey in which he sees the world through the eyes of the diverse fauna of the wetlands. This experience makes him understand the importance and beauty of this threatened environment. The theme of Patupaiarehe is the preservation of nature, particularly the New Zealand wetlands. This is explored through Cameron’s experience of losing touch with nature and thus with part of himself. Additionally, Patupaiarehe offers a tiny glimpse into the rich mythology of the Maori people. Click here if you are interested in funding the project.

 Rahela-jagric 250px

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Jour à Jour, a Movie Shot in 5D

"Jour à Jour" ("Day to Day") is a 17-minutes French short movie shot by Jean-Claude Flaccomio in "5D" (read : in 2D and in 3D at the same time). "Jour à Jour" was projected today (Nov 25, 2012) at the "Effets Stars" festival, the 8th "Festival international des effets spéciaux et de l'image 3D relief" in Aigues-Mortes, France. The 3D version trailer in here in Quicktime format.

The "5D shooting" concept is similar to the 5D proposed by Cameron-Pace for 3DTV live events. Details was explained during the 2011 edition of the 3DStereoMedia conference in Liège, Belgium (coming back on December 3-6, 2012).

 jour-a-jour-3D-short 250px

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Sebastian Vettel and his F1 car in Stereoscopic 3D

AixSponza and art director Stefan Voigt created a 3-minutes 3D stereoscopic movie for RedBull in red/cyan anaglyph. The end of the Formula One championship today (with Sebastian Vettel crowned world champion for the third time) is the perfect occasion to unveil this small gem. Grab your good old paper 3D glasses and watch the full version here under in HD!

3D Effects are strong but extremely well crafted; a very nice piece of 3D CGI...

 Vettel 3D 250px

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Hidden 3D, a Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project 2012

Hidden 3D is EnhancedDimensions' entry to the 2012 Glasgow 48 Hour Film Project. This short was written shot and postproduced in 48 hours. Duration: 7 minutes. The 3D "extended cut" version is now online!

hidden-3D 250px

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