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How to shoot Hurricane Irene in 3D

Are you living on the US east coast this week-end? If yes, try to shoot some "Hurricane Irene" 3D stereoscopic videos! Follow the four steps guide here under and publish your movie on YouTube 3D!

Update : We got one Youtube 3D video from Atomic CheeseCake Productions in Philadelphia !


Follow this four steps guidelines:

1) Set-up your 3D camera. My first choice for extreme weather shots is the waterproof  GoPRO 3D Hero, but you may also use a Fuji W3 (or any other 3D camera) wrapped is a few layers of plastic wrap (the camera warranty may not cover this case). Empty the memory card(s) and fully reload the batteries. If you have several resolution modes, choose 720p/60fps (mode 4 on the GoPro); fast movements will be better.



2) Stay in a safe location, but try to put your camera in a place where some moving objects are closer to 60 feet (20 meters): agitated trees or power lines, falling poles, your neighbour's car if the water is rising high enough... Fix the camera to a steady tripod hooked to your garden fence or behind a strong window.

3) Start shooting one or two minutes sequences. Alternate between shots with a fixed viewpoint and slow pans following the wind direction. If your camera has a zoom, try various settings, but don't zoom too far as the 3D will suffer.

4) Edit your videos with your favorite editing sofware; keep the length around three to five minutes; compress a final version in side-by-side mode .mov or .avi format and upload it to YouTube with the tag "yt3d:enable=true". Drop us an email when done and we will publish the link here!