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Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 update

James Cameron, writer and director of the stereoscopic 3D movie "Avatar" has officially set up two sequels as his next projects, with the first coming in December 2014 and the second forecasted to open in December 2015. End of 2009, J.C. said "I have a trilogy-scaled arc of story right now". Many insiders think that, two years later, the trilogy idea has  morphed into more solid scripts...


Sam Worthington (playing Jack Scully) said recently: "He’s told me where he wants to take Avatar 2 and 3, and it’s monumental. It’s just huge! But, you’d expect nothing less from him. He’s not going to start it until he’s 100%. I know they’re setting up shop down in Manhattan Beach, and when he says jump, I jump."

AVATAR 2, deep into Pandora's oceans

Here’s what Cameron had to say in 2010 about the next Avatar sequel: “Part of my focus in the second film is in creating a different environment – a different setting within Pandora. And I’m going to be focusing on the ocean on Pandora, which will be equally rich and diverse and crazy and imaginative, but it just won’t be a rain forest. I’m not saying we won’t see what we’ve already seen; we’ll see more of that as well.”

Zoe Saldana said about James Cameron last month  "He's still being very protective about the script. And I think he's much more concerned to have Sigourney [Weaver], Sam [Worthington] and I to read it once it's done, because he wants to hear our thoughts."

AVATAR 3, on the other Alpha Centauri AB planets and moons

James Cameron said also: "Avatar 3" will likely begin to explore other planets. "We created a broad canvas for the environment of film. That's not just on Pandora, but throughout the Alpha Centauri AB system. And we expand out across that system [in subsequent films] and incorporate more into the story — not necessarily in the second film, but more toward a third film."

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