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James Cameron Hits the Bottom

James Cameron did it!

The Oscar-winning director of TITANIC and AVATAR, James Cameron resurfaced Monday after plunging to the deepest known point in the world's oceans in his one-man 12-tons 'Deepsea Challenge' submersible equipped with a lot of 3D stereoscopic cameras.

"@JimCameron has surfaced! Congrats to him on his historic solo dive to the ocean's deepest point," said a tweet from his DeepSea Challenge team. J.C. went down 10,99 meters (35,800 ft) and is only the third man to do that after Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in 1960.

Watch the James Cameron dive video here under.

DeepSea-Challenge 250px


DeepSea Challenge Video

Hitting Bottom Never Felt so Good

The filmmaker reached Challenger Deep, which is part of the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean, near Guam, at 7:52 a.m. Monday (5:52 p.m. ET Sunday), said Ellen Stanley, a spokeswoman for the National Geographic Society that is working with Cameron on the project.

cameron-hit-the-bottom 512px

The descent took two hours and 36 minutes. "Just arrived at the ocean's deepest pt," he tweeted. "Hitting bottom never felt so good." Cameron then spent hours at the bottom of the trench collecting samples for research that will allow scientists around the world to learn about the habitat and life forms at that depth.Scientists hope that a fresh look at Challenger Deep will provide insight into many unfamiliar life forms in the depths of the ocean.

Source: CNN (another video included).