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Avatar 2, Avatar 3, and Avatar 4 Announced

Fox Studios (USA) have announced there will be three sequels to the world bestseller Avatar, after director James Cameron found two films "would not be enough". The three sequels will be filmed simultaneously beginning in 2014, and will be released respectively in December 2016, 2017 and 2018.

avatar3 250px

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Buy the AVATAR 3D Blu-ray Now !

Finally, the AVATAR BLU-RAY 3D COLLECTOR'S EDITION is available! The title will debut on October 16, 2012 but is already available as pre-order on StereoscopyShop and other online shops for 27.99$.


avatar-blu-ray-3d-collectors-edition-retail 250px


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Chinese Coproduction in James Cameron's Agenda

We announced last week that the Cameron Pace Group opened offices in China. The China venture, based in Beijing, will provide technology and support, rather than co-producing films, said Vince Pace. On top of this announcement, James Cameron told “There have been some very preliminary discussions about co-production potential here in China.”

 Cameron-in-China 250px

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James Cameron Hits the Bottom

James Cameron did it!

The Oscar-winning director of TITANIC and AVATAR, James Cameron resurfaced Monday after plunging to the deepest known point in the world's oceans in his one-man 12-tons 'Deepsea Challenge' submersible equipped with a lot of 3D stereoscopic cameras.

"@JimCameron has surfaced! Congrats to him on his historic solo dive to the ocean's deepest point," said a tweet from his DeepSea Challenge team. J.C. went down 10,99 meters (35,800 ft) and is only the third man to do that after Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard in 1960.

Watch the James Cameron dive video here under.

DeepSea-Challenge 250px

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Avatar iTunes Edition

Avatar will be released on December 20th, 2011 in iTunes special edition video. One new feature gives users a chance to move an 'X-ray' around scenes to get a look behind the finished shot and at the original green-screen footage.

avatar-itunes-edition 250px

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