"Verdon Secret 3D" Official Trailer Released

Written by Benoit Michel. Posted in Documentary

"Verdon Secret 3D" is a breathtaking stereoscopic giant screen documentary released two months ago in France. Verdon Secret 3D was a technical challenge because it required shooting in very wet and inaccessible places: the film crew was helped by a team of kayakers and mountaineers. Watch the new trailer here under.

gorges du Verdon 640px

The Official Trailer

The Story

Hidalgo (played by Nicolas Robin), an introverted young man, wants to return on the footsteps of Alfred Martel, the father of spelunking who made the first descent of the Verdon in 1905. Trained as a carpenter, it manufactures a replica of the original canoe and starts the adventure equipped as were the pioneers. Obviously, nothing happens as he had hoped, and he meets on his road Clara (Assa Sylla), a young open and modern girl who will help him find his way.

More Info

Verdon Secret is the common work of director François Bertrand and producer Jean-Marc Paris. François Bertrand has already directed several films and documentaries for Arte and France Télévisions, whose "I, Van Gogh" was the first iMax first film about an artist' life. Verdon Secret 3D  will be featured at several IMAX venues around the world.

To learn more about the French Verdon Narrows, visit Verdon-Gorges (in English).

Visit VerdonSecret for more info. Verson Secret is on Facebook too.