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3DPRK The Stereoscopic Photo Report about North Korea

Matjaž Tančič is born in Yugoslavia; he is living in China; and now, he is back from a stereoscopic 3D photographic portraiture project with North Korean Koryo Studio. His interest is not on architecture, or any other officially suggested topic, but on people... Look for your Red/Cyan glasses in that bottow drawer and check his production here under.

3dprk 03 640x

Why 3D?

Three-dimensional photographs make this even more personal as the image is no longer a 2D abstraction. Using the 3D technique allows you to enter their personal space. Matjaž shares that this is important because you can almost look around the person, and you can see every detail in their clothes and every pore on their face.

A 20-Minutes Long Making Of Video

More Info

3DPRK: PHOTOGRAPHING NORTH KOREA is a never-before-seen examination of the process behind such cultural engagement projects between international artists and local North Koreans. The small team of five (photographer, producer, two North Korean guides, one driver) photographed soldiers at the tense Demilitarised Zone at the North-South Korean border, and visited the schools, hospitals and newly completed leisure facilities considered the pride of the reclusive state, with producer Vicky Mohieddeen filming the process every step of the way.

The resulting series of portraits is the first time that local people from across the country have been photographed using a 3D stereoscopic technique. This landmark collection shows not only the relatively oft-photographed citizens of Pyongyang – North Korea’s showcase capital – but also those toiling in the fields of the co-operative farms, those living in Hamhung (North Korea’s second largest city) and those working in factories and steelworks across the country.

As with all portraits, these photographs depict living human beings, upon whose gaze you may project what you will. Each protagonist agreed to be photographed and was well aware that their image would be exhibited to a wider world. Perhaps it is the individual that shines out from these photographs; each portrait has its own distinct personality, ranging from disdain to pride.

It is the uniqueness and beauty of the 3D technique used for each photograph that ultimately highlights the individual nature of the people posing for each shot, and the various layers that make up the surreal theatrical set that is the DPRK today.

The Exhibition

The work became an exhibition that has visited Pyongyang, Pékin Fine Arts in Hong Kong, Beijing, Switzerland, and Lithuania.

The Collectible Limited Edition Box

3DPRK is also available as a limited-edition box set of 3D cards that comes with the plastic stereo viewer. You can pick that up at Photo-Eye (ASIN: B01MQUQJ23) or directly by clicking on the picture below.


3dprk 01 640x

3DPRK is printed in an edition of 1,000 signed copies. Contains 3D glasses, 64 3D stereoscopic cards, 5 3D lenticular postcards and an introduction booklet inside.

The Author

Visit for a look on his production (Red/CYan glasses needed). The book can be purchased here.



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