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Anachrome and "The Stewardesses"

The Anachrome website may not win a web site design award, but it is nevertheless one of the more complete web site for anaglyph fans. Anachrome (California, USA) is a company founded by Allan Silliphant, a 3D pioneer. The company manufactures and sells high quality anaglyph glasses.

Allan Silliphant was the producer of "The Stewardesses" (1969, revised 1971), the most profitable 3-D film in history, with a cost of 100,000 $ and a $27,000,000 revenue in 1970. The movie was shot in STEREOVISION .Check the Stardesses IMDB page here and the history of the movie here on Wikipedia..


Check the Anachrome web site featuring lots of high quality anaglyph images here.

You can also find 650 or so 3D images on in crossview or Anachrome. Allan Silliphant is selling nice prism glasses that make easy to look  at crossview or parallel mode images for those -like me- who experience difficulties to see them in 3D without glasses.


Allan Silliphant developed recently a dual Sony HVR z7u professional 3D HD  production rig, and also one for the full frame SLR/HD Canon 5D MarkII, which is the only good platform for the big wide Loreo lens. It is pictured on

See also Allan Silliphant page here on StereoscopyNews.