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Plastic Anaglyph Glasses Under 2$

When watching 3D stereoscopic pictures, we are in many circumstances forced to use the good old anaglyph glasses. Those cardboard red/cyan anaglyph 3D glasses that you find anywhere aren’t the most comfortable though, so luckily there’s a more “professional” option, and we found some at 1.79$ for a pair, including shipping to anywhere in the world. Ok, shipping wass slow, but I was not in a hurry...

anaglyph-glasses 250px

Are plastic glasses better?

The point of getting a pair of proper 3D glasses like this is comfort and durability. Those cardboard glasses are neither comfortable nor durable and they often have a small field of view so that your entire field of vision isn’t “anaglyphified”. These glasses however are shaped like sports sunglasses, forming around your face to give your entire field of vision a red an cyan color. This makes it much more comfortable to look at anaglyph 3D content and it also makes the 3D effect better due to the larger field of vision.

The glasses themselves are plastic and surprisingly well built for somethingunder 2$. The hinges for folding them works well and they seem quite durable. The design might not be to everyone’s taste as they wrap around your face quite tightly, but I’m used to such sunglasses and they fit me perfectly. Using them with prescription glasses is not the most comfortable, but it is possible.

Where to buy

We found those at DealExtreme (Kong-Kong) under the name "Re-useable Plastic Frame Resin Lens Anaglyphic Blue + Red 3D Glasses". Some rebate possible if you order more than one pair.

Note that DealExtreme also sells a Chinese 3D stereoscopic camera for 166.3$ and a Head Mounted stereoscopic Display called 80" Virtual Screen Mobile Cinema 3D Glasses for 269.15$.