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New 3D shots of the Moon Revealed

TheLRO ( Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) is aNASA robotic spacecraft that circles the moon continuously since June 2009, mapping the surface in gritty detail with its Narrow Angle Cameras. The LRO flies over the moon surface as low as 50 kilometers (31 miles). Sometimes, mission managers target a location for 3D imaging by sending the orbiter over the same spot twice, photographing the surface at two different angles. Those two perspectives can be combined to create a stereoscopic view such as the one here under.

darwinc3d 247px

A crater one kilometer wide is perched near the rim of the crater Darwin C on the lunar nearside.
You can see the craters' depth in 3D using red-blue glasses, thanks to a stereo pair of images
from the high-resolution Narrow Angle Camera aboard the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.
NASA / GSFC / Arizona State University

Have your Red/Cyan Anaglyph Glasses Ready!

 The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter team at Arizona State University has recently assembled an entire collection of red-blue anaglyphs. The moon's surface is full of dramatic landscapes, and these stereoscopic 3D views are a fascinating way to explore them. Visit and enjoy the incredible pictures (in larger resolution than here.

HellQ Crater 320px

More Info

You will find the LRO official page here. There is also an LRO page at The Goddard Space Flight Center.