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Has SOLIDDD the solution for Glasses-free 3D?

SOLIDDD (Brooklyn, NY, USA) is bcoming more and more visible in the 3D community. The campany is coming with a new knd of lenticular sheet that can be overlaid on top of printed images or in front of flat screen displays and offer a massive increase in depth perception compared to previous solutions. They claim to achieve a full meter of depth  perception behind a paper sheet printed with a very high resolution printer, a result never achieved before.

As the cost of the lenticular sheet is presmably quite high, it can to bought as a "Replaceable Picture Frame" so you can change the pictures without buying a new lenticular sheet as usually done with other methods.

 soliddd-test 250px

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Nishika 8000 4-lenses 3D camera

Long considered the ugly duckling of the consumer lenticular cameras, the 4-lenses / 4-views 3D stereoscopic Nishika 8000 is now in high regard as the most versatile of the breed, because the camera features three aperature settings, unlike other lenticular cameras, which are only point and shoot cameras.

This camera has four 30mm lenses which are used to create a multi-view 3D picture. It has a shutter speed of 1/60th of a second, and three possible aperture values of "Sunny", "Partially Cloudy", and "Indoors Cloudy". This camera was made in the late 80's by Nishika Optical Systems, and takes standard 35mm film.

Nishika-8000-camera 250px

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Win a Lenstar Lenticular Print Award

The second edition of the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) has kicked off and is open for entries!

The Lenstar Lenticular Print Award (LLPA) is supported by drupa 2012 is the first of its kind, and has specifically been created to reward and encourage companies and individuals in the development and use of lenticular printing. The second edition of the award is organized in the context of the Drupa Innovation Park (DIP) with the support of drupa print media fair 2012, which is held in the Messe exhibition complex in Düsseldorf, Germany, from 3 to 16 May 2012.

This new award is an incredible opportunity for the graphic arts community to recognize the growing importance of lenticular imaging as a product differentiator and a mechanism for ensuring that promotional efforts stand out from the crowd. The award is an initiative of DP Lenticular and, an organization committed to bringing the latest information on lenticular and new direct-to-lens lenticular printing technologies.


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LO3D still camera for lenticular displays

Allen Lo from LO3D (Hong-Kong) is the inventor of the Nimslo 3D camera (in 1980). Together with company partners who pioneered 3D photo imaging – Nimslo 3D film cameras, Kodak & Konica 3D single-use film cameras –, Allen Lo has been working on 3D technology for nine years. LO3D presented at the CES the first commercial 3D digital printer, 3D digital paper for prints, 3D digital cameras as well as  autostereoscopic digital photo frames.

Here under the 3-lenses and the 6-lenses cameras made for taking pictures with enough views to produce beautiful lenticular prints : weddings, portraits, commercial pack shots,...

LO3D-camera 250px

LO3D-camera-2 250px

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Lenstar Lenticular Print Awards

Lenticular print is the best way to present 3D stereoscopic images on static displays such as posters for cinema lobbys or bus shelters walls.

DPLenticular and, which teamed up to create the Lenstar Lenticular Print Award, are very proud to announce the winners of the LLPA 2011 edition. The winning lenticular projects were exhibited at Dimension 3, the International 3D & New Image Forum in Paris and will be presented again at 3DStereoMedia in December.


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